Best Watercolors for Line and Wash

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Let’s make one thing clear… if you’re not using Schmincke watercolors paints, you’re missing out. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you value control and precision when painting with watercolors (which.. Mind you.. Is very challenging to achieve), Schmincke watercolors will be your best friend.

The deep richness of color that comes with each stroke and the predictability of application (and drying result) make for a pleasant painting experience. Mix that with the precision of Dainayw brushes and the texture of Arches paper and you have a recipe for an exceptional watercolor painting.

Schmincke offers their paints in pans and tubes. I’ve always preferred to use pans as 1) the case they come in includes a built-in palette, 2) I’ve always found opening up the pan case for quick access is easier than opening each tube to arrange your own palette, and 3) they’re incredibly easy to transport. 

When first experimenting with watercolor, I started out using Sakura's travel watercolors. It was affordable (especially for a beginner) and had a wide range of colors. Don’t get me wrong, Sakura makes quality art supplies, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to any other brand of watercolor after using Schmincke.